Meet Lorna, a SE Region Examiner, employee advocate and Union Strong candidate for Field Vice President

I am Lorna Prosper-Harley, an examiner in the SE Region within Supervision, Fair Lending and Enforcement. I started my career with the Federal Reserve System, but transferred to the CFPB in 2011, excited by the mission of serving America’s consumers by making sure our banks play by the rules.

I consider myself a bit of a strategy geek; and business process improvement, corporate governance, and operational risk are areas where I shine.

As a Union Strong Caucus member, I will unite examiners in the field with DC-based employees to fight for wins that benefit us all.

I believe our union needs a fresh start and a renewed commitment to listening to the voice of our membership.

My experience prepares me to serve

In my work-life, I like being in the field and mentoring new examiners into the profession. Some of my proudest career moments were developing, leading and mentoring teams of auditors and examiners – up to 25 at a time – and my peers tell me I work well with all levels of an organization – be it a bank during an examination, helping new hires at the bureau, or working with my colleagues on grievances to ensure dignity and respect for all in the workplace.

I joined NTEU in 2013 when Chapter 335 was formed. I was a steward for approximately two years and gained significant experience helping file grievances when necessary to make sure our member’s rights under our contract are fully protected.

Moving forward

The biggest issues with our chapter right now are a lack of (a) inclusion and (b) full transparency. Many members do not have a seat at the table or any idea how their hard-earned dues are being spent and the issues being advocated for by the union.

As Vice President of the Field, I pledge to work hard on behalf of all union members and especially field examiners. All voices have to be raised and issues heard.

What I am fighting for

My top priority as Vice President of the Field is to address ongoing travel and overtime issues being experienced by the field examiners. It is important that:

  1. Examiners travel during business hours
  2. Any overtime incurred is acknowledged and paid promptly, and
  3. All regions have reasonable locality pay rates

As a Union Strong Caucus member, I will unite examiners in the field with DC-based employees to fight for wins that benefit us all. I want examiners to be treated fairly by their managers throughout all the regions, and I’ll enforce our contract consistently and won’t shy away from confronting management.

Help our fight for a stronger union. Elect the #UnionStrong slate for Chapter 335! Join our caucus at and add your name to our supporters’ list.