I’m Lisa, a skilled advocate for worker rights from RMR and Union Strong appointee for Chief Steward

My name is Lisa Marie Ivory and I am a true advocate for employee rights. My paralegal career consists of 24 years of federal service as well as several years in the private sector. Today, I am a paralegal in the Office of Regulations in the Division of Research, Markets, and Regulations where the CFPB’s regulatory compliance and rulemaking authority is.

I think it is vital that our Chapter does a much better job getting more steward seats filled, and training all of our stewards on how to represent you

Outside of my day job, I love to assist employees with workplace issues when they arise and find resolutions that both protects the employee and advances their cause. If you are ready to engage with your union, I will be there to assist.

My experience prepares me to serve

I have been a member of NTEU since 2001, the last three years at CFPB. I bring deep experience as a steward, including eight years as an SEC steward and two years of service as a CFPB steward in 2017 and 2018. I know what it takes to represent employees in meetings with management, and also am practiced at writing and presenting grievances when we need to exercise that right.

In 2019, I began service with the Diversity and Inclusion Council of Employees (DICE). This perch gave me a place to continue my work for employee rights. Now, I am ready to return to union service in our chapter.

Moving forward

As a Chapter, we are hamstrung by both thin membership ranks and poor recruitment for stewards across all of our divisions. Without stewards in place across our Bureau, some of our members may not get the attention they deserve from our chapter.

When new stewards are brought onboard, we also must do a better job to train them and put them to work with the members they represent. You shouldn’t have to ask who your steward is. They should be there for you when you need them, ready and able to serve you.

What I am fighting for

As your Chief Steward, I will continue to fight for you and other non-management employees to change the Bureau for the better. I imagine a more transparent Bureau, where the chapter forges a stronger relationship with its members. Brainstorm. Bring us your requests for change. Your ideas and together with other best practices we identify will make us a stronger bargaining unit.

I also want to forge better alliances with our sister agencies and bring in their good ideas to reform and grow our union’s capacity.

I think it is vital that our Chapter does a much better job getting more steward seats filled, and training all of our stewards on how to represent you – should a union assist be needed. Every division needs adequate representation so we have an ear to the ground to listen to our membership and learn what is going on. We need to change this dynamic to become stronger.

In these uncertain times in the current climate, the best reason to join Chapter 335 is the opportunity to lift your voice and be heard. That’s why I’ll also be a fierce advocate for building our membership ranks. More numbers mean the union can go further in our quest to make your work life less stressful and your work environment safe and productive for everybody.

Through your rights to a grievance process, and our rights together at the bargaining table, collective bargaining protects everybody. When we win, all employees benefit.

Help our fight for a stronger union. Elect the #UnionStrong slate for Chapter 335! Join our caucus at UnionStrong.us and add your name to our supporters’ list.