We are more than an election campaign.

We are building a grassroots reform caucus made up of workers from all over the agency, in DC and the field, to build a more powerful union and to use our power to win better opportunities for all workers.

For Field Vice President

Lorna Prosper-Harley

For Vice President

Kathy Erville

Rey Cerezo

For Treasurer

Rey Cerezo

For Secretary

Stephanie Osan


Our designee for Chief Steward

Lisa Ivory

What we’ve achieved already!

  • More transparent Midterm Bargaining negotiations
  • Collective action campaign defending LGBTQ+ rights and opposing a hate group influencing our consumer protection policies
  • Dissenting letter to the bargaining unit against the secret DC pay-for-space deal, signed by nine DC stewards
  • Better home office benefits for examiners in the field and remote employees
  • Answers from Labor Relations about the new Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Mobile-friendly Chapter website
  • Easier sign-up process to join the union via automated online form submissions
  • Online petition platform so employees from all regions can speak out about workplace issues and stand up to management together

Vote for Union Strong December 2nd-17th!