Director Kraninger is taking illegal orders from Trump— just like her predecessor Mulvaney 🆘

We can’t let her eliminate our most basic union rights. It’s time to stand up to Kraninger-Trump union-busting

Union Strong Caucus has been pushing our current chapter leadership to be more transparent about midterm bargaining. Here’s what we’ve learned about what’s going on with midterm bargaining at CFPB and NTEU Chapter 335.

In May 2018, Trump signed 3 union-busting executive orders.

His goal was to destroy the rights and protections that we as federal employees have fought hard for decades to win. NTEU and other federal employee unions have been fighting those illegal orders through the courts ever since.

In November 2019, CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger followed Trump’s illegal orders.

CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger

She put 2 proposals on the table for midterm bargaining that would implement his union-busting orders at CFPB, taking away fundamental employee rights like access to union representation on the job and the right to file a grievance when you are disciplined or fired for illegal reasons. Even though these EOs are still being litigated, KK is doing Trump’s bidding to push these on us.

What is Gail Wisely doing?

We are holding our chapter leaders accountable and asking for updates on these negotiations every week. So far we have pushed our sitting President Gail to email the bargaining unit about Kraninger’s proposals, and the bargaining team to share the documents containing the Director’s proposed updated Grievance Procedure and Official Time contract articles with the chapter stewards. Ask your steward if they haven’t shared these files with you yet.

We still need to do more, and we need your help to take action:

What are your ideas for standing up to Kraninger-Trump union busting?